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About Us


BLOB STARS is a collection of music and pop-culture-themed NFT collectibles – unique digital assets on the Ethereum blockchain. The BLOB STAR galaxy is constantly expanding as new planets are discovered, triggering drops of new characters eventually totaling 10,000. Each BLOB is more than a one-of-a-kind digital avatar. It is your entry point to a community of conversations, exclusive merchandise, and insider pop-culture musings.

Already sold? Grab your own BLOB STAR here.

Meet The Blobs


BLOB STARS are made by a team of three NYC-based creatives from the universes of music, art, and tech. Our shared purpose is to uplift creatives by building an inclusive community and through charitable giving. Ten percent of profits will be divided equally between buying carbon credits and partnering with charities that promote the arts in underserved communities.

Blob Star Perks


  • Full ownership and rights to your BLOB

  • Free or exclusive merch delivered to you – a bucket hat or beanie*

  • Future perks through roadmap activations


​The first 30 members will receive a character in their likeness or with up to three visual requests as a digital image from our resident artist. For the price of gas (~$25), members will have the option to immortalize their unique BLOB as a character in the BLOB NFT universe and assume ownership.


* This is the one and only time this perk will be available.

* BLOB owners will receive a special code to redeem this option as a hidden field upon purchasing the NFT on OpenSea. Shipping is free only within the continental US, and will be discounted for other geographies. Merch is free to first owners of each BLOB, not subsequent owners. Subsequent owners will be able to access exclusive MERCH for purchase. 

** BLOB owners have until June 1, 2022 to redeem this reward.




The BLOB STAR universe will grow more rich and rewarding as the community expands. Here are some goals that our team will begin work on after hitting key milestones of selling through 10,000 BLOBS. 

Initial soft launch: 


10%: Exclusive merch store is opened.

20%: Members-only Discord is launched. 

30%: A map of the BLOB STAR galaxy is uploaded, with clues for a free giveaway. 

40%: The BLOB STAR creators take a vacation. 

50%: The second drop of hand-drawn BLOBS themed around our top 40 songs on repeat is dropped. 

60%: Free items for BLOB STAR owners are revealed. 

70%: A contest for NYC youth to sketch top ideas for new BLOBS. op winners get a prize. 

80%: We partner with a musician for a BLOB STAR release. 

90%: A real-world event and giveaway for BLOB holders. 

100%: The next galaxy in the BLOB star universe is unveiled.

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